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The Flavor of Success: Latin Cuisine, Jay The Juice man, and Food Sales Triumphs


Prepare your tastebuds for a culinary escapade as we journey into the heart of Latin-inspired cuisine, savoring the flavors of mojo-marinated steak and chimichurri manchego cheese. Our guide? The accomplished chef Jeffrey Schlissel. We delve into the luscious layers of these delectable dishes, revealing the secrets behind their enticing flavors and providing you a recipe to recreate this gastronomic delight at home.

Buckle up as we delve into the juicy world of food sales, sharing insights, experiences, and success stories. We hit a major milestone and couldn't be prouder - we're just about to clock a million downloads in a year! Nothing fuels our journey ahead better than having fun, harboring passion, and respecting our sales reps. Listen in to our conversation with Kyle, a produce guy who has been with us from the word go.

Finally, we get down to the nitty-gritty, discussing the indispensable qualities that truly make a sales representative successful. From accessibility to product knowledge and effective communication, we shed light on what it takes to excel in this field. But it's not all sales talk - we also delve into the reality of the food industry, exposing the fragility of our food system. So, don't miss out - join us as we explore sustainable fishing, celebrate various culinary enterprises, and give you a sneak-peek into our upcoming food industry bash. Set your reminder for October 23rd, and let's create some delicious memories together!

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