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How to Run a Successful Juicing Program

Top 5 Reasons Juicing Programs Fail

In the midst of the global movement toward health and wellness, the juicing industry has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity. Many grocery store owners, recognizing the potential for healthy profits and increased customer satisfaction, have eagerly embraced juicing programs.

A new generation of consumer wants fresh and healthy products. These customers are also willing to pay for that freshness.

However, beneath the promising surface lie pitfalls that can derail even the most well-intentioned ventures. We will take a deep dive into the top 5 reasons juicing programs fail and offer actionable insights to transform these challenges into keys for success. Follow these tips to develop a thriving and sustainable business.

Before we dive into these 5 pitfalls, let’s quickly cover some of the key benefits of implementing a consistently successful fresh juice program.


A vibrant scene of fresh citrus fruits, including oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, is displayed on a wooden table. Two glasses of orange juice are in the center, surrounded by whole and sliced fruits. The sunny background of trees and a distant landscape captures the essence of Citrus America.

Some retailers try to implement a juicing program without really considering the many benefits of a successful, consistent, and sustainable juicing program. It’s only viewed as a stand-alone product with some profits associated with it, albeit, highly attractive ROI and margins.  Understanding the strategic, tactical, and financial benefits of a fresh juice program can help support a fresh initiative’s sustainable commercial success.

Here are some of the important benefits of implementing a successful fresh citrus juice program:

  • Attract and retain customers with the highest quality, best tasting fresh juice.
  • Create a real ‘destination’ the customers target to get freshly squeezed juice.
  • Capture market share by increasing in-store visits by customers, who not only come to your store for fresh juice, but also place other items in the cart to buy.
  • Support your brand with the freshest products and show your customers you care for them with the best products.
  • Drive healthy profits with direct incremental profits from selling juice, by increasing market share to increase overall store volume, and support long-term financial success with a stronger brand and customer relationship.


Drive the success of your juicing initiative by understanding why some companies fail at running a successful commercial fresh juice program.

1. Lack of a Comprehensive Business Strategy

The foundation of any successful endeavor lies in a well-crafted business strategy, and juicing programs are no exception. Many businesses fall into the trap of viewing juicing as a stand-alone operation rather than an integrated part of their overall business model. To overcome this challenge, it is crucial to develop a juicing program that aligns seamlessly with your brand image and broader business strategy.

Crafting a juicing experience that extends beyond the mere act of extracting juice can elevate your grocery store into a destination where customers engage with freshness across all their senses: see it, smell it, touch it, hear it, taste it.

The strategic placement of juicers within your store allows customers to witness the juicing process, fostering a connection between the product and its origins. Cross-merchandising and effective communication strategies further reinforce the message of freshness, creating an overarching brand image synonymous with high-quality and health-conscious choices.

  1. Develop a juicing concept that aligns with your brand image and values.
  2. Consider products being offered, in addition to orange juice, that fit with your overall juicing strategy (e.g., Lemon, lime, tangerine, etc.)
  3. Strategically position juicers to maximize customer engagement.
  4. Implement cross-merchandising strategies to communicate freshness throughout your store and across different product segments.
  5. Leverage both in-store and online channels to communicate the unique juicing experience your store offers.

2. Suboptimal Equipment Choices

The beating heart of any successful juicing program is the choice of equipment. Taste, hygiene, safety, efficiency, and reliability are non-negotiable factors that demand meticulous consideration. Opting for low-quality juicers can compromise the quality of the juice, introduce hygiene issues, pose safety concerns, encounter unplanned downtime, and ultimately lead to a range of operational inefficiencies.

Investing in high quality commercial food grade stainless steel juicers is paramount. Stainless steel ensures not only durability but also increased hygiene, a higher quality juice, and taste neutrality, preserving the natural flavors of the fruit.

Four people enjoying drinks and conversing at an outdoor lakeside cafe with scenic mountainous views. A Citrus America commercial juicer is on the table, partially filled with oranges and dispensing fresh juice into a glass. The atmosphere is sunny and relaxed.

Prioritizing taste, hygiene, and safety in your equipment selection is a strategic decision that pays dividends in the long run. Robust seals play a pivotal role in preventing juice infiltration in critical machine components, which can lead to hygiene issues and equipment failure, thus helping to ensure seamless, safe and reliable operation.

  1. Invest in commercial-grade stainless steel juicers for durability and taste neutrality.
  2. Prioritize taste, hygiene, and safety in your equipment selection.
  3. Make sure technical support, strategic expertise, process understanding, training materials are also available – it’s not just about the equipment, but the equipment partner
  4. Ensure robust seals and other features to prevent juice infiltration and equipment failure.
  5. Regularly clean and inspect equipment to identify and address issues promptly.

3. Inadequate Staff Training and Support

Even the most sophisticated juicing program can falter without a well-trained and supported staff. Inadequate training can lead to user errors, operational inefficiencies, and interruptions in service. Moreover, the absence of comprehensive training and rollout support can hinder the success of your juicing program.

Providing thorough training on equipment usage and maintenance is essential. Developing comprehensive documentation for staff reference ensures that operational procedures are easily accessible. Ongoing support for troubleshooting and operational queries is equally crucial. A well-trained and supported staff not only ensures the smooth operation of your juicing program but also enhances customer satisfaction through efficient service delivery.

  1. Provide thorough training on equipment usage and maintenance.
  2. Develop comprehensive documentation and other training tools for staff reference.
  3. Ensure ongoing support for troubleshooting and operational queries.
  4. Conduct regular refresher courses to keep staff updated on best practices.
  5. Include strategic rationale and importance of juicing program is included in the training program.

4. Poor Sourcing Strategies

The success of a juicing program is inherently tied to the quality of the fruit and the appropriateness of the packaging. Poor-quality fruit can compromise the taste and appeal of your juice, while inappropriate packaging can affect freshness and convenience. Establishing strong relationships with reliable fruit suppliers and implementing stringent quality control measures are essential components of effective sourcing strategies.

Ensuring the freshness and quality of your fruit is non-negotiable. Regularly reviewing and optimizing your supply chain processes can contribute to a consistent and reliable source of high-quality fruit. Additionally, choosing packaging that preserves freshness and convenience for your customers is vital. Striking the right balance between quality fruit and thoughtful packaging ensures that your juicing program meets and exceeds customer expectations.

  1. Establish strong relationships with reliable fruit suppliers.
  2. Implement stringent quality control measures for fruit.
  3. Regularly review and optimize supply chain processes for freshness.
  4. Choose packaging that preserves freshness and convenience for customers.
  5. Coordinate supply chain and sourcing strategies across departments to ensure alignment throughout the year and support specific events and initiatives.

5. Ineffective Marketing and Communication

A commercial juicing program's success relies heavily on effective marketing and communication strategies. Failing to showcase the freshness, quality, and uniqueness of your juice can result in missed opportunities to attract and retain customers. Leveraging various channels to communicate the health benefits and taste experience of your fresh juice is crucial.

The commercial juicer itself can act as an in-store billboard for freshness, but implementing a robust marketing strategy also involves creating engaging content that highlights the uniqueness of your juicing program. Utilize social media platforms and in-store promotions to showcase the juicing process, educate customers about the health benefits of fresh juice, and convey the exceptional taste experience. In-store sampling as well as collecting and showcasing customer testimonials further builds trust and reinforces the credibility of your juicing program. Finally, cross-merchandising can help add incremental value of other products, in addition to the direct revenues from juicing.

  1. Create engaging content that highlights the uniqueness of your juicing program.
  2. Utilize social media platforms and in-store promotions to showcase the juicing process.
  3. Educate customers about the health benefits of fresh juice.
  4. Conduct in-store sampling and collect and showcase customer testimonials to build trust and credibility.
  5. Smart use of cross-merchandising to drive incremental volumes from other products.
A clear glass of bright yellow-orange juice, freshly squeezed from a commercial juicer, with a black straw sits on a light-colored table outdoors. The blurred background features green foliage and natural light, giving a fresh and lively ambiance reminiscent of Citrus America.


Navigating the challenges of juicing programs requires a holistic approach that addresses each facet of the operation. By understanding the top 5 reasons juicing programs fail and taking concrete steps to help ensure program success, you can transform your grocery store into a thriving hub for health-conscious consumers.

  • Include juicing as part of a strategic initiative to capture market share, add incremental profits, and support brand image and communicate the program’s importance to team members.
  • Invest in high quality equipment that supports your business model and aligns with how you want the juice to drive program success and support your brand. You’re not only investing in equipment, but should also be targeting a reliable equipment partner.
  • Train managers and associates on juicer operations, merchandising strategies, and the keys to running a successful juicing operation.
  • Work with key cross-functional personnel across areas such as purchasing, supply chain, safety, marketing, and produce to ensure the right fruit and packaging is in place to support programs throughout the year.
  • Have a marketing and communication strategy in place for the fresh juice program and be sure to include fresh juice within other marketing initiatives scheduled throughout the year.

From crafting a comprehensive business strategy to choosing optimal equipment, training staff effectively, implementing sound sourcing strategies, and executing impactful marketing, success in the realm of fresh citrus juice operations is within reach. Stay with us as we continue to peel back the layers of success in this enlightening journey.

About Citrus AmericaCitrus America has been driving innovation and quality in the juicing segment for more than a decade in North America and the Caribbean. We’re the exclusive master distributor for Citrocasa and have driven many innovations and quality improvements in juicing equipment. In addition to equipment solutions, we provide tailored training and support strategies to help our customers earn Healthy Profits.

About Citrocasa – Citrocasa has been the pioneer in producing the most innovative and highest quality food grade stainless steel commercial citrus juicing equipment to the grocery, hotel, and restaurant since 2005 across Europe. The Citrocasa 8000 Series was launched in 2005, with the 8000XB and the 8000SB. The 8000SB-ATS was launched in 2013. The Citrocasa Fantastic Series was launched in 2010 with the Fantastic M/AS. The Fantastic F/SB followed in 2011. Between 2015 and today, Citrocasa has launched the Advance upgrades, The Revolution, The Eco, and has added new options for on-line connectivity continuing its role as being the leader in commercial citrus juicing quality and innovation.

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