Healthy Profits With High-Quality Juicing Equipment

Citrus America’s vision is to revolutionize the way Americans enjoy freshly squeezed citrus juice.

Our mission is to help our customers

· Develop a unique consumer experience with on-premise juicing

· Deliver Healthy Taste to their clientele

· Enjoy Healthy Profits from citrus juicing

Citrus America supplies the highest quality juicing equipment and solutions that deliver on our commitment to TASTE, HYGIENE, and EFFICIENCY. Our customers range from small, individual cafes, bakeries, and restaurants to the largest and best-known names in the grocery and hotel industry.



Citrus America’s vision has always been to change the way America consumes and enjoys fresh citrus juice.

We have been doing exactly that for more than a decade by being laser focused on Innovation, Quality & Service.

Our mission is to help our customers earn Healthy Profits with Juicing in Grocery Retail, Food Service, and Hospitality. We do that by providing a solution that allow our customers to utilize
THE Strategy:

TASTE, HYGINE, EFFICIENCY. Our strategy is to provide the highest quality equipment available, provide outstanding training & coaching, and provide excellent, around the clock technical and after-sales support.

Our primary focus for the past decade has been on ensuring large Blue-Chip retailers roll out and operate successful juicing programs. In addition, we have had great success with the small- and mid-sized operators. We believe in supplying innovative solutions, the highest quality equipment and white glove customer support no matter what your size or industry. Our vision of success is to help our customers earn Healthy Profits by providing the American consumer fresh juice at any location.




In 2010, founder Brian Framson, was living in Vienna, Austria and realized it was easier to get a glass of fresh orange juice in Vienna, than when he visited his parents in Florida. Brian and his father Ron quicky identified that out of the dozen or so citrus juicing machines Ron was able to locate in the South Florida market, only a few were actually in use. The consistent feedback Ron received was that the equipment was broken, service issues remained unresolved, parts were missing due to a lack of parts availability, and there was a need for better employee training on juicing and the equipment. Brian and Ron saw an opportunity to bring fresh juice back, but in a new and improved way.

Citrus America, Inc. was formed with the purpose of addressing all those issues and to help our customers earn Healthy Profits consistently and sustainably, while providing the healthiest way to consume fresh juice. Our path to success was simple – provide the highest quality equipment, thorough product training, around the clock technical support, and coach our customers on how to be successful with their investment in our equipment. We have since expanded the original vision to include not only fresh orange juice, but fresh lemon, lime, grapefruit, tangerine, and pomegranate for pure juice enjoyment or to be used for craft cocktails, as cooking ingredients, and to be mixed in with other fresh juice and smoothie concepts. By doing so, we continue to change the way Americans perceives and enjoys fresh juice and have served as an innovative addition to many grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, and other locations around the country.

Healthy Profits from Juicing

Provide a healthy product that tastes great to attract and retain new customers.
Earn consistent healthy profits by providing a consistently tasty and safe product and do so efficiently. That’s healthy profits.

That’s THE Strategy:




Highest Quality


Labor, space & investment


Serve the best tasting, highest quality product and the consumer will come back for more.


The Hygiene and Safety has to be consistently high to give the consumer and the trade the highest levels of confidence they are getting the highest quality product available. If it’s not safe, you shouldn’t sell it.


The equipment and processes have to be fast & efficient. The equipment has to be reliable & consistent. The training must support the day-to-day operation of the equipment. If it’s not efficient, you can't earn healthy profits.


Leadership Team

It’s our mission to enable our customers to earn Healthy Profits by achieving all the above. It’s our vision to change the way Americans perceive and consume citrus juice.

President & CEO
VP of National Sales

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