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The Perfect Juicer
For Any Location
Cut the cable and juice wherever you want. The ECO has all the amazing design features of CITROCASA but without the plug. No electricity needed so food trucks, mobile carts, and a wide variety of applications, including high volume mobile lemonade stands in the afternoon after fresh orange juice all morning. View product
Juicing Options
Staff-Operated or Self-Service, the option is yours with the highest quality stainless steel tap that activates the fully automatic juicer. The automatic hopper keeps the fruit and juice flowing smoothly for Fantastic operation. When life give you lemons, use the Small Pressing Kit to make lemonade or juice limes for fresh juice cocktails. View Product
In-Store Juicing
The ultimate juicers for high volume grocery stores, hotels, and restaurants: Self-Service strategies with the 8000SB-ATS, with the ATS pulp removal system, or Staff-Operated with the 8000XB, with the juice tank. These workhorses can handle all your volume and cover the full range of fruit sizes with the optional Small and Large Pressing Kits. View Product

High Quality Commercial Juicers Just for You

Citrus America supplies the highest quality juicing equipment and solutions to grocery retailers and foodservice operations across the country. These juicing solutions deliver on our commitment to Healthy Profits by focusing on TASTEHYGIENE, and EFFICIENCY. Citrus America juicers are trusted by everyone from small cafes, bakeries, and restaurants to the largest and best-known names in the grocery and hotel industry.

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Reimagining The Fruits You Love Into The Juice You Crave

Remember what it was like enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. The freshest designs driving a healthy dose of nostalgia. Use your space wisely. Aesthetic appeal driving profitable juicing.

Healthy lifestyle, modern design, old-fashioned taste bursting with flavor. Drive your business forward with fresh citrus juice no matter what your application is and where you’re located.

Deliver Healthy Profits




Highest Quality


Labor, space & investment


Our industry-unique Up & Down Soft Cut System (SCS) gives you precise fruit cuts without tearing the peel. This means you get the lowest peel oil content in the industry. The result: no bitterness and sweet superior tasting juice!


Our juicers are made from high quality 304 food-grade stainless steel. Our patented features, such as the Double Cover, as well as Two-Zone Technology, provide an unprecedented level of food safety and hygiene in citrus juicing.


High juicing speeds, easy operation, and fast cleaning due to features like the Cross Holder mean happy customers. Our equipment is the most reliable and our industry-leading technical support means more “up time” for more juicing and faster ROI.

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