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Citrus America supplies the highest quality juicing equipment and solutions to grocery retailers and foodservice operations across the country. These juicing solutions deliver on our commitment to Healthy Profits by focusing on TASTEHYGIENE, and EFFICIENCY. Citrus America juicers are trusted by everyone from small cafes, bakeries, and restaurants to the largest and best-known names in the grocery and hotel industry.



Reimagining The Fruits You Love Into The Juice You Crave

Remember what it was like enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. The freshest designs driving a healthy dose of nostalgia. Use your space wisely. Aesthetic appeal driving profitable juicing.

Healthy lifestyle, modern design, old-fashioned taste bursting with flavor. Drive your business forward with fresh citrus juice no matter what your application is and where you’re located.


Deliver Healthy Profits




Highest Quality


Labor, space & investment


Our industry-unique Up & Down Soft Cut System (SCS) gives you precise fruit cuts without tearing the peel. This means you get the lowest peel oil content in the industry. The result: no bitterness and sweet superior tasting juice!


Our juicers are made from high quality 304 food-grade stainless steel. Our patented features, such as the Double Cover, as well as Two-Zone Technology, provide an unprecedented level of food safety and hygiene in citrus juicing.


High juicing speeds, easy operation, and fast cleaning due to features like the Cross Holder mean happy customers. Our equipment is the most reliable and our industry-leading technical support means more “up time” for more juicing and faster and more consistent ROI.



Our Customers Love Us!
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Nelson Ruiz

"Saves on time and labor. Customers enjoy the show."

Our Customers Love Us!
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Kyle Graff

Great Juicer!

"Great juicer, great people. Everyone is very helpful and willing to help in anyway."

Our Customers Love Us!
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Stace Hamberis

The team was forthcoming and helpful…

"The team was forthcoming and helpful…
The team was forthcoming and helpful when it came to specifying the right juicer for my customer's operation. Jay brought the Juice Wagon to our store and educated us on their product and did a demo for us. The OJ was great!"

Our Customers Love Us!
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Price Mabry

Jay and Team are great partners!

"Jay and team are great partners from time of purchase to the weeks and months after the purchase of their juice machines. They provide labels and offer best in class education of how to develop a in store juice program. I would recommend Jay and Team to anybody looking to start or grow your juice category."

Our Customers Love Us!
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Ken Ripley

Great machine, best juice!

"Great machine. Easy to clean and reassemble. Best tasting orange juice I have ever had."

Our Customers Love Us!
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Mike Corvasce

Fantastic customer service

"Fantastic customer service. Quick and efficient parts ordering. We really enjoy working with the CA team!"

Bagel Love

Account Manager

“We are really happy with it, especially as we were concerned about the initial investment of the machine considering how small of a business we are. Our signature that has set us apart from others is our fresh squeezed orange juice.”

Reynolds Market

Account Executive

“It is not often that anyone will pick up the phone on a weekend and help. You have been a great company to work with and I would definitely recommend Citrus America to anyone looking for a juice machine. ”



"We bought our CITROCASA juicers from Citrus America in 2016 and used their recommended leasing partner. We’ve been happily juicing ever since. It's great equipment, easy to clean, and durable."

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