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High Quality & Standard

A Citrus America commercial juicer filled with numerous whole oranges in the top basket. The machine's front has a transparent cover revealing juicing mechanisms, and a small glass of freshly squeezed orange juice is positioned at the bottom outlet.
A modern juice bar features a commercial juicer from Citrus America on a stone countertop. The juicer, filled with whole oranges, dispenses fresh citrus juice into a glass below. The background shows a well-lit, stylish interior with pendant lights and shelves of bakery items.

For locations with a high standard of juice quality, the Fantastic M/AS features manual fruit feeding and programmable quantity of fruit. The ultimate in performance and ease-of-use, this model requires minimal cleaning time and effort, and minimal space.


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A Citrus America commercial juicer filled with numerous whole oranges in the top basket. The machine's front has a transparent cover revealing juicing mechanisms, and a small glass of freshly squeezed orange juice is positioned at the bottom outlet.

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Fantastic M/AS: Base & Peripheral Options


A Citrus America commercial juicer filled with fresh oranges at the top. The stainless steel machine features a transparent section showing citrus being processed. Below, a spout dispenses orange juice into a small glass container.

Table Top (TT)

A disassembled Moka pot with a silver metal funnel, a round metal filter, and three black plastic containers of varying shapes and sizes arranged in front of it, reminiscent of components you'd find in a commercial juicer. The pieces are placed on a white background.

Counter Installation Kit (CK)

A stainless steel outdoor kitchen storage cabinet on wheels, featuring a single door and a small lid or cover on top. The logo "Lion Premium Grills" is visible on the front. With its sleek, modern design, it’s perfect for outdoor use and can conveniently store your Citrus America commercial juicer.

Rolling Stainless Steel Cabinet (RS)


A Citrus America juicer with a transparent compartment holding whole oranges, a visible internal mechanism for slicing and squeezing the fruit, and a spout dispensing fresh juice into a container below. The commercial juicer is sleek with chrome and transparent plastic elements.

Model w/ Small Pressing Kit (SPK)

A silver automatic Citrus America juicer with several whole oranges in the top feeder. The machine has a transparent cover showing the juicing mechanism inside. A small amount of freshly squeezed orange juice is being dispensed into a clear container at the bottom.

Model w/ Standard Kit

A Citrus America commercial juicer boasts a metal basket filled with whole oranges on top. The machine features a clear front section displaying the citrus being processed, while freshly squeezed orange juice flows into a small glass container at the bottom.

Model w/ Fruit Display Basket

Stainless Steel Cabinet (RS)

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Countertop Installation Kit (CIK)

With the Countertop Installation Kit you can integrate your juicer into your counter to match you design while increasing efficiency with increased peel capacity. Follow the easy template to cut your counter for full integration.

Fruit Display Basket

The optional fruit basket for the Fantastic M Series ensures that you and your guests always have fruit within reach.Total capacity approx. 13 kg / 28.6 lbs.

Small Pressing Kit (SPK)

Citrocasa offers the option to equip its machines with different pressing kits (pressing elements, peel ejectors, knife, and fruit supply tunnel). The Small Pressing Kit is the right choice for juicing tangerines, smaller oranges, and the properly sized lemons and limes. Fruit sized from 50 to 65 mm (1.9 to 2.6 inches).

Acrylic Bottle Dispenser

Keep your bottles handy with the optional bottle dispenser to increase your juicing efficiency.


Countertop for Bottle Dispenser

Buy the Countertop as a simple add-on workspace attached to your Rolling Stainless Cabinet or you can also add on the optional Bottle Dispenser to help streamline your bottling efficiency.

Crushed Ice Cabinet

The Crushed Ice Cabinet is an attractive option to display your pre-filled bottles and keep them chilled. High quality highly polished 304 Stainless Steel to match the great look of your juicing equipment and to support the highest hygiene standards.


Fantastic M/AS: Training Videos

Watch detailed instructions below on how to disassemble your juicer for cleaning, reassemble your juicer, and operate your juicer. Please review the information packet included with your juicer, including the user manual.

Image of a juicer filled with oranges, featuring the "CITRUS AMERICA" logo and text "Fantastic Advance" at the top left. Instructions on how to disassemble and clean the juicer are at the bottom. The white and black background showcases text in orange and white. Includes access to a helpful training video series.
A Citrus America juicer filled with oranges. The text reads "Citrus America," "Fantastic Series," and "Instructions on how to operate your juicer" with a play button icon. The design includes a modern juicer machine prominently displayed against a white background, hinting at an engaging training video.
Image of a juicer filled with oranges underneath the Citrus America brand logo. Text on the image reads "FANTASTIC SERIES: Instructions on how to REASSEMBLE your juicer." The juicer has a transparent section showing oranges being processed. Check out the accompanying training video for step-by-step guidance.
An image of a citrus juicer filled with oranges at the top, with the caption "FANTASTIC ADVANCE." Below, text reads: "Watch our entire training video series on how to DISASSEMBLE, CLEAN, REASSEMBLE AND OPERATE your juicer." The Citrus America logo is displayed in the top left corner.

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