An Interview with Citrus America’s Visionary Founder Brian Framson

Juicing Up Healthy Profits for Businesses Through Enhanced Efficiency & Customer Experience

In 2011, an entrepreneurial vision sprouted from a seemingly straightforward observation: fresh juice was more readily available in Vienna, Austria, than in Florida, a state renowned for its citrus produce. This revelation became the driving force behind Brian Framson and his late father Ron’s remarkable entrepreneurial journey, which ultimately culminated in the formation of Citrus America.

However, Framson’s story is not merely one of bringing fresh juice to the American market. It is a tale of identifying opportunities, cultivating profitable ventures for businesses, and driving efficiency while consistently improving customer experiences.

Brian’s career trajectory commenced in the world of corporate giants, where he meticulously honed his skills and gleaned invaluable insights.

“We’ve imbibed a Blue Chip mindset and comprehend the service and support expectations of large corporations,” Brian candidly noted during our conversation.

About Citrus America Citrus America has been driving innovation and quality in the juicing segment for more than a decade in North America and the Caribbean. We’re the exclusive master distributor for Citrocasa and have driven many innovations and quality improvements in juicing equipment. In addition to equipment solutions, we provide tailored training and support strategies to help our customers earn Healthy Profits.

About Citrocasa – Citrocasa has been the pioneer in producing the most innovative and highest quality food grade stainless steel commercial citrus juicing equipment to the grocery, hotel, and restaurant since 2005 across Europe. The Citrocasa 8000 Series was launched in 2005, with the 8000XB and the 8000SB. The 8000SB-ATS was launched in 2013. The Citrocasa Fantastic Series was launched in 2010 with the Fantastic M/AS. The Fantastic F/SB followed in 2011. Between 2015 and today, Citrocasa has launched the Advance upgrades, The Revolution, The Eco, and has added new options for on-line connectivity continuing its role as being the leader in commercial citrus juicing quality and innovation.