Restaurant & & Bar

In these challenging times, we need to offer the consumer healthy options along with great experiences. It doesn’t matter if your providing ‘eat in’ or ‘take out’, what matter is that your providing high quality and value to your customers to keep them coming back for more.

Fresh juice is something customers seek out and are amazed when they experience what fresh citrus juice is really like.

  • Straight Juice: we make squeezing orange juice easy… but how about adding lemonade into your product offering or using orange juice as a base for other fresh and healthy drinks? Fresh orange juice and/or other citrus juices is not just for breakfast.
  • Craft Cocktails: add some Healthy Excitement to your bar operations. Juice lemons and limes before your dinner shift to supply your margarita and sour mix business… and juice fresh orange juice the rest of the day live, on-demand.

Fantastic M/AS

For locations with a high standard of juice quality, the Fantastic M/AS features manual fruit feeding and programmable quantity of fruit. The ultimate in performance and ease-of-use, this model requires minimal cleaning time and effort, and minimal space.


Fantastic ECO

he Fantastic ECO brings an almost forgotten experience back into our world. Freshness and flavor is made even sweeter yet through self-sufficiency. The new ECO appeals to everyone who desires independence and self-reliance with the proven Fantastic attributes. Whether it be in ­hotels, (organic) supermarkets, cafes, (beach) bars, the Fantastic ECO can be used anywhere, thanks to its manual gear mechanism.

No matter what your decision: it has to taste great, it has to be safe & hygienic, and it has to be done efficiently. Taste, Hygiene, Efficiency… that’s our Healthy Profits Commitment to you.

Adding fresh citrus juice into your restaurant’s or bar’s operations has never been easier and represents a fast and easy way to upgrade your offering and earn Healthy Profits. We offer many Table Top (TT), Counter Installation Kit (CK), and Rolling Stainless Cabinet (RS) options to fit your needs… It’s your space: make it count!

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