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When people are on the road traveling, they still want to eat and feel healthy. In these challenging times, we can help you offer your clientele a fast and simple way to get a healthy fresh dose of vitamins. Breakfast, lunch and dinner… or by the pool, in the fitness center, or at your cocktail bar: keep your juicing equipment busy all day and squeeze our more Healthy Profits anywhere.

Fresh juice will keep your guests amazed wherever they encounter it in your hotel. Here are some examples:

  • Breakfast: grab & go, a la carte offering, or freshen up your premium buffet… it will help get your guests off to a great start of the day!
  • A variety of options depending on your needs: fresh lemonade by the pool, mimosa celebration for the out-of-town wedding party guests, there are endless opportunities to impress your guests.
  • Upgrade all your marinades, dressings, and sauces with fresh citrus juice to give your dishes that little something extra.
  • Craft Cocktails: for your guest that wants to enjoy a cocktail ‘at home’ in your bar, give them something special: the best margarita, the best cosmo, the best mule, they can image… and do it with the ultimate in juicing efficiency.

Fantastic ECO

The Fantastic ECO brings an almost forgotten experience back into our world. Freshness and flavor is made even sweeter yet through self-sufficiency. The new ECO appeals to everyone who desires independence and self-reliance with the proven Fantastic attributes. Whether it be in ­hotels, (organic) supermarkets, cafes, (beach) bars, the Fantastic ECO can be used anywhere, thanks to its manual gear mechanism.

Fantastic M/AS

For locations with a high standard of juice quality, the Fantastic M/AS features manual fruit feeding and programmable quantity of fruit. The ultimate in performance and ease-of-use, this model requires minimal cleaning time and effort, and minimal space.

Fantastic F/SB-ATS

Regardless whether you own a restaurant, health club (fitness center, health food store, etc.) or supermarket (convenience stores, etc.), the Fantastic F with its high capacity fruit hopper, will make delivering the freshest and purest juice easy. Make a freshness and quality statement in your business – a perfect solution for all establishments with medium to high juice demand.

8000 SB-ATS

The Citrocasa 8000 SB-ATS advance with its automatic transport system (ATS) sets completely new standards in user friendliness and automation. Ideal for highly frequented self-service operations.

No matter what your decision: it has to taste great, it has to be safe & hygienic, and it has to be done efficiently. Taste, Hygiene, Efficiency… that’s our Healthy Profits Commitment to you.

Adding fresh citrus juice to your hotel’s offerings has never been easier and is a great way to add something special across your various operations. We offer Table Top (TT) or Counter Installation Kit (CK) for your stationary location or choose a Rolling Stainless Cabinet (RS) to Rock & Roll with your guests wherever you need fresh juice. Maximize your utilization and squeeze more out of your juicer!

  • Click here if you’d like to learn more about adding a Healthy Profits with Citrus Juicing program into your hotel.
  • Click here if you’re already juicing in your hotel and are ready for an upgrade in Taste, Hygiene, and Efficiency.
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