Catering is especially tough these days… but offering your clientele something special just got a little bit easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re an event caterer, a contract caterer at an institution, or a mobile caterer ready to bring the fun and excitement wherever your client demands it. Citrus America is ready to roll with you.

Here are just a few examples of how we can help you squeeze more Carpe Diem out of your events. Here are some examples:

  • Offer dry or wet Mimosa’s to enhance any wedding… just make sure the juice is fresh!
  • Add lemonade to your BBQ themed outdoor events.
  • Give your margaritas more zip as your guests watch the limes roll down the tunnel.
  • Corporate kitchens and university catering can add multiple portions of fruit servings with fresh orange juice, fresh lemonade and custom crafted, citrus juice sports drinks.
  • Your already offering amazing coffee creations… add in some fresh shots of orange juice on the side to juice up you’re your breakfasts.


Regardless whether you own a restaurant, health club (fitness center, health food store, etc.) or supermarket (convenience stores, etc.), the Fantastic F with its high capacity fruit hopper, will make delivering the freshest and purest juice easy. Make a freshness and quality statement in your business – a perfect solution for all establishments with medium to high juice demand.


8000 XB

The perfect solution for juicing large quantities of orange juice in advance: the juice comes directly into a 5 l tank. The ideal system for applications where employees serve juice to customers in bottles or glasses


8000 SB-ATS

The Citrocasa 8000 SB-ATS advance with its automatic transport system (ATS) sets completely new standards in user friendliness and automation. Ideal for highly frequented self-service operations.


No matter what your decision: it has to taste great, it has to be safe & hygienic, and it has to be done efficiently. Taste, Hygiene, Efficiency… that’s our Healthy Profits Commitment to you.

Adding fresh citrus juice to your catered offerings is amazingly simple: cut the cord and roll the ECO wherever you need it… who needs electricity? You’ve got the juice! Or keep the lights on with our range of juicers offered as stationary units or mobile on the Rolling Stainless (RS) Cabinets.

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