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Citrus America will be featured at the Butkevich Associates Booth

Margaritas? Mimosas? Sangria? Guacamole? Marinades? Ceviche? Fresh juice? We love helping our customers juice limes, lemons, and oranges! Stop by the Butkevich Associates booth at the New England Restaurant & Bar Show to learn about how our equipment produces the best juice in the industry while giving you Healthy Profits. 

What: New England Restaurant & Bar Show

Where: Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
Boston, MA

Butkevish Associates Booth #413

When: Sunday, February 4th - Monday, February 5th, 2024


Citrus America will be juicing all day.

We supply the leading automatic citrus juicer based on Taste, Hygiene, Efficiency, and Durability. Austrian-engineered for the highest European quality available in the USA since 2011. We support high-volume grocery stores, high-end cocktail bars, high-quality Mexican restaurants, boutique hotels and more!

Fresh juice. On-demand. Every day.

See you at the show!

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