Meet the Fantastic Connect - The world's interactive juicer.

The Connect takes the premium juicing standard to a new level with a new display, automatic screen cleaning, OneStep pressing kit and individual connectivity options.

In combination with the Citrocasa Cloud, the FANTASTIC CONNECT enables you to handle your orange press more efficiently and to access it worldwide. Data retrieval for performance control, alert system for technical service and easy online operation of your video platform for customized promotional activities are just a few features and possibilities.

Innovative Display

Monitoring and evaluation of operating data online - maximum transparency and control. Multifunctional, language-independent operation with video instructions.


How to Drive Perimeter Growth with Fresh Juice

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Citrus America supply’s the leading automatic citrus juicer based on Taste, Hygiene, Efficiency, and Durability. Austrian-engineered for the highest European quality available in the USA since 2011. We support high-volume grocery stores, high-end cocktail bars, high-quality Mexican restaurants, boutique hotels and more!

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